Frequently Asked Questions


  Q. Are your stethoscopes real?
  A. Yes, they are professional stethoscopes that work great and have excellent acoustics.
  Q. What is the difference between the dual and single head on the stethoscope?
  A. This refers to the chest piece part of the stethoscope.  The dual head has two size diaphragms for listening to a patient’s chest.  The larger one is for adults, the smaller one is for pediatric use.  Single head stethoscopes are often referred to as ‘nursing scopes’. They have only one size diaphragm.
  Q. How do nurses use the ID tags? 
  A. Nursing staff often purchase their own stethoscopes.  They write their name on the backside of the tags to personalize their stethoscope as a means to keep track of it.  Sometimes, during emergencies, medical personnel grab the closest stethoscope to assist with life saving measures.  Often, they just hang it over their neck and walk away when the emergency is resolved.  This contributes to the loss of personal stethoscopes.  The use of an ID tag facilitates returning it to its rightful owner. 
  Q. Why do hospitals purchase the ID tags?
  A. Hospitals buy ID tags for the medical staff to keep track of their own scopes.
  Q. Why do hospitals purchase color-coded ID tags?
  A. Hospital management uses the ID tags in different colors to distinguish RN's from CNA's.
  Q. Why would people use bell holders or hip clip?
  A. When you "hang" your stethoscope around your neck, your body oils can actually deteriorate the rubber tubing on your scope, shortening its usage time.  By using a bell holder or hip clip, the rubber stays off your neck and keeps the rubber tubing from deteriorating and therefore adding to the use time of the scope.
  Q. Are utility shears and surgical shears the same?
  A. No.  Utility shears have polypropylene handles, stainless steel blades, with one serrated edge to cut through the toughest of materials. Surgical instruments are forged from corrosion resistant surgical stainless steel.  Common instruments are Surgical scissors, Lister bandage scissors, Iris scissors.
  Q. What is a Babinski hammer used for? 
  A. Testing feeling on the skin of a diabetic person. 

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